Hello, and welcome!

An important update:

This site, and my story writing forum has recently been hit by a malware attack. I am currently trying to fix the issue, and the pages-most of which have been affected.

To view the current progress of the up to date and newer version of my art site, click here

I'm aware that this site in it's current state is not optifined well for small browsers/screens. I'm currently looking into redesigning and shuffling it around so all the menu links can be easily accessed. Some aren't able to be clicked on due to having a hoverable menu, instead of one that can be clicked on.
The new design will be streamlined better, have a collapsable menu on smaller screens, and a more organised gallery. Specifically, the General artwork page which has a lot of art work on.

I have started up this website so that others can see what I have been working on, and the work I have managed to complete. Although it may be small, it is something that I have managed to put together myself, whilst I'm teaching myself website coding, and sketching out designs.

There are many links on the left hand side of the page, each one will have more information and work on the relevant pages.

I have worked on a number of things in the past, including; websites, graphical pieces, small illustrations and general art work.

If you would like more information, or would like to see more you can contact me here.

To view the image used in the background, you can click here.