Graphical novels/comics

During my spare time, I am working on a couple of artistic projects.

There are three in total so far, and each one has a very distinct style.

The graphical novels that I am updating are done in a variety of ways, and are uploaded on my other website- but I have posted a few of the pages up here for easier viewing.

1,000 words

Is a story told through the eyes of a stick figure. The pages for this are done in a simplified way, with my graphics tablet and Photoshop.

Tomecraft adventures

This graphical novel is slightly more challenging, as it uses actual screenshots from Minecraft. I then use the same colours from the screenshot, and go over them with my graphics tablet as well.

Forbidden Friendship

This one is my most artistic one so far, as it uses a range of different media, but is the only one that doesn't use the tablet. Instead I use a mixture of watercolour paint and line drawing, which I then scan in and edit.

Click the thumbnails below to view their individual pages and find out more about them.